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May. 28, 2020

Panel Discussion:

Corruption and Chaos in Washington

"In the time of COVID19, Greg Orman joins a virtual panel over Zoom to discuss the film UnRepresented. Hosted by American Public Square, the conversation focuses on the rigged American electoral system and systematic legal corruption in Washington that has usurped power from the people and given it to special interest groups and other DC insiders."



Nov. 9, 2019

TV Interview:

Could Bloomberg

Win as an Independent?

"A recent Gallup poll shows that 43 percent of Americans describe themselves as independent. We also know that partisanship in America is highly negative – Americans don’t particularly like their own party, but they hate the other party. Because of this dynamic, a credible independent could create an opportunity to transcend that and be competitive." 




Jan. 24, 2018

TV Interview:

Independent Greg Orman Makes Run for Governor in Kansas

"Kansas right now is at a critical juncture, what happens over the next five year will really determine the path the state’s on for decades." 



Apr. 25, 2020


An Address to the National Convention of the Alliance Party

"It is our solemn duty as citizens to end corruption in Washington, to end the fear, to end the hyper-partisanship, and to bring about anew era of government that puts the American people first."


Read the Speech.


Aug. 27, 2018

TV Interview:

Republican Chair of Colyer Campaign Now Backing Greg Orman

"Former President of the Kansas Farm Bureau, Steve Baccuss says he believes that 'Greg Orman is the best choice for Kansas Farmers.'" 



Aug. 14, 2017

TV Interview:

More Americans Identify as Independent than GOP or DEM

"If you look at the reelection rates for members of Congress, they run in the high 90s. And yet, Congress routinely has a 15 percent approval rating. So you have to ask yourself the question, and the answer is multiple, but number one is that they rig the rules so that no one can compete with them." 



Feb. 18, 2020




Bernie Sanders Election


"Independent Greg Orman is interviewed by Pete Mundo on KCMO talk radio about Smith Polling which looks into the alienation of American voters from their elected leaders in Washington."  



Oct. 12, 2018

TV Interview:

Orman Shrugs Off Doubters in Kansas Race for Governor

"If you look at the last two decades in Kansas, you see two decades of decline. Kansans intuitively know something has gone wrong. We really need new ideas and a new direction." 




Oct. 7, 2014

TV Interview:

Independent Candidate Takes on Senator Pat Roberts

"I’ve tried both parties and I have generally been disappointed. For all of my life I’ve been fiscally responsible and socially tolerant. My position on the issues have been very consistent. It’s the Parties and what we’re seeing in Washington, and the rush to extremes that has changed." 


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