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Robert Reich's Attack on Billionaires and Capitalism

Nov. 18, 2019

"If progressives can destroy the idea that honest capitalism has anything to do with someone becoming wealthy – that significant wealth creation is exclusively the product of graft, fraud, and manipulation – then confiscating 6% of that wealth each year to pay for a complete overhaul of our health care system can be more easily justified."  

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Debate Field Reflects Democrats’ Disdain for Biz Success

Sep. 12, 2019

"The composition of the field tells us a great deal about what Democrats value. The number of candidates on the stage who have ever run a business has fallen from four to one. The field is dominated by the three A’s – academics, attorneys, and activists."


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Why I Remained an Independent Candidate

Jan. 4, 2019

"I believe the most important issue facing our nation is a dysfunctional two-party system that values self-preservation over everything else and is allowing the greatness of our country to slip away." 

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should Press Biden on Killing Immigration Reform in 2007

Oct. 14, 2019

"The last time immigration reform had the most realistic chance of passing wasn’t 2013, it was 2007. And it was Joe Biden and Barack Obama who torpedoed it."  

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Girl Waving US Flag

Caddell's Heartfelt Advocacy for America's People, Ideals

Feb. 21, 2019

"A regular on Fox News in recent years, he used the platform to talk about what Americans were really thinking. He had spent decades studying voter attitudes and realized that the electorate was feeling more and more alienated from their government." 

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Divided America Agrees 


Corruption is Rampant

Oct. 8, 2019

"In polling completed in December of last year by Caddell & Associates, 85% of Americans believe the country is run by an alliance of incumbent politicians, media pundits, lobbyists and other powerful money interest groups for their own gain at the expense of the American people.”

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Howard Schultz, Take Your Shot

Feb. 3, 2019

"Eighty-one percent are now dissatisfied or angry with Washington. Almost the only political statement on which Americans can agree is that the government, whether in Republican or Democratic hands, is failing.

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